50 Favourite things

After my previous grumpy heat related post. I thought I would share some positively  by doing and she stumbled down a rabid hole‘s list, 50 favourite thing in my life.



2. Gardening

3. Tropical Plants

4. Painting

5. Printmaking

6. Joel Peter Witkin


Joel Peter Witkin – Cupid and Centaur

7. Dave Mc Kean

8.My Fiancee!

9.My Parents and Sister

10.Living near the beach


12. Time/Alternative dimension theories :/

13. Alternative fashion

14. Victorian fashion

15. J-Fashion

16. Anatomy

17. Gunther Von Hagen

18. Cooking

19. Netflix marathon

20. Tapirs


21. Slice of life anime

22. Turned based games like old Final Fantasy

23. Zelda games

24. Stormy Weather

25. Up-cycling furniture

26. Rammstein

27. Pink floyd

28. Armadillos

29. Strawberrys

30. Deep fried brie and chips from the local chip shop ❤

31. Old Black and white/ pinhole photography

My weird Art using a pin hole camera 

32. Quizzes

33. Trivial Pursuit

34. Coffee

35. Strange and immersive dreams

36. True crime/unsolved mysteries documentaries

37. The Night Sky

38. Lolita shoes

39. Creeper platform shoe

40. Reddit

41. Non-Crappy Reality shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race and Project Runway.

42.  Beautiful prints on clothing

 Angelic Pretty – Puppet Circus 

43. Dinosaurs

45. A good Book

46. Haruki Murakami Books

47. Cute / Vintage crockery

48. Smoking (Been a year since a gave up but still get cravings!)

49. My new house

50. Dark Humour


Mad Magpie x

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