Style me….Country Lolita (Easter Special)

It is time for the Style me Thursday challenge and today I am looking at Country Lolita. I thought this would be perfect for Easter and Spring.

Country Lolita

Country Lolita is a sub-genre of the Lolita Fashion. Following the same aesthetic of frills, bows and bell shaped skirts, but with added country themes.

The style adds straw hats and baskets to the look, as well as parasol to keep off the hot summer sun.

Colours worn are usually soft creams, whites and pastels, with added small floral prints or fruit such as cherries and strawberries.

Make up is usually natural and so is the hair. which is either loose or braided with a straw hat on top.

How did I do?

Skirt: Hell Bunny Sale £7

Jumper: H&M £4

Blouse: GLP (came with a dress)

Tights: £2 Primark

Hat: Mothers Wedding hat!

Parasol: Gift

I would have thought finding a straw hat around Easter time would be really easy. I have looked in every shop around my town and could not find one anywhere. I had to compromise my stealing my mother’s fancy wedding hat and sticking Easter themed things to it.


I feel like a right fool in this hat, and it has aged me massively. Hats and flat hair are not good looks for me. I am also wearing very minimal amounts of black in this look and I can’t help but think this isn’t working for me. I love little floral prints, but for me I would much rather wear them with rich jewel tones.

Oh well spring is here and it is fun to have a mess around.


The Mad Magpie x


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