Style Me…Steampunk

It is time for the  Thursday’s style me challenge. Where I look at an alternative style and try to recreate it. This week I am looking at the fun fashion that is Steampunk.


The fashion is part of the Steampunk Movement which is based around science fiction literature. A fantasy world which uses steam as it’s mode of power. As well as fashion you can see Steampunk influences within the Arts, Music, TV/Movies and literature.

The clothing takes influences from the Victorian/Edwardian era and/or America ‘Wild west’ which mixes steam powered elements. Familiar symbols of the fashion includes long skirts, lacy blouses, brass goggles, cogs and clockwork mechanism.

The fashion uses a wide range of colours, however browns, creams and blacks are most popular.

How did I do?

Black top : Matalan strappy camisole.

Blouse: 2nd Hand from Lolita Sales: Anna House £12

Skirt: Bodyline around £10

Goggles: Rock Collection £15

Belts: The Bullet Belt so many years old I cant remember how much, but it was from Camden Market. The other was from a charity shop £1

Tights: Peacocks £2

Shoes: Primark £5

Luckily, I’ve been into Lolita fashion for quite a while and have a few skirts, dresses, blouses and accessories tucked away. Lolita lends its self well to Victorian aesthetics so I had clothes that would  work for this style me challenge.

This week I made the little gun and holster to add to my outfit. I just got a toy gun from poundland and painted it in brassy tones.


I think Steampunk is a very fun fashion. Some people create their own persona in which they roleplay at conventions, like a pirate, beast hunter or explorer. This influences how they dress and the accessories they use.

I love steampunk, I always have. When I was working in a job which acquired me to wear smart clothes I used to dress in smart Victorian-esque clothing which was very much inspired by steampunk, but everyday wear. I love the frilly blouses and layered skirts and wish these types of clothing where more readily available to buy. I think the next time I come across some nice black fabric I will make a new skirt in the style of this red one.


The Mad Magpie x

3 thoughts on “Style Me…Steampunk

  1. This is so cute! I love steampunk. It’s a fun look, and closely related to chaphop and dark cabaret music, both of which I also love. I have a friend who does full, beautiful outfits for conventions and the like and I admire it so much. Not that I should tell you how to dress, but you look great with the western-wear frills and ruffles. 🙂


  2. This looks great on you! I really like all the ruffles. Steampunk always takes me back to my childhood and Back to the Future part 3 (I love that movie!) for some reason. It’s such a creative style, truly playing with your imagination.


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