My Jewellery Collection

Today as promised in previous blog posts we shall be looking at my jewellery collection. Some of these pieces are well worn however some of them are over years old and I’ve kept onto them because I have liked them so much.



My bracelet collection is extremely lacking. I find it very hard to find bracelets I like and it seems that they just don’t sell them like they do for necklaces and rings especially within the goth fashion.

Both Pearl, moon and blue braided bracelet are from ebay

The braided bracelet with the bird head is handmade.

Red one I found on the pavement :/ haha

Charm Bracelet was a 18th Birthday present



My ring collection is also lacking. However I am terrible with rings, always loosing them. I couldn’t find my cool deer head ring for this picture! I have also lost my engagement ring (bottom right) 3 times now!

bird skull and pearl rings ebay

silver middle ring was a gift

green doggy was from a little independent shop local to me


Left white Pearls, white choker are from ebay

Pink and turquoise pearls from charity shops

Ouija panchette was a gift

Top right Crow was a from alchemy England with attached jar with  feather from my late pet jackdaw

Two black birdy necklaces from curiology

Kingfisher was a gift fro christmas

Bottom Right

I am not sure where these are from I think they where mostly from ebay

Left All from ebay

Top Right These are all my broken pieces that need a bit of attention and glue or a new chain. The cherries are from Blue Banana and the other where gifts

Bottom Right 

Duck and Claw necklaces where gifts

Pocket watch and weird cat creature are from a small independent cheap jewellery shop near me.



Sadly I lost the second blackbird earing they are handmade by an artist in Nottingham and I love them. I have hopes that the other bird will still turn up.

The fishy, flies and spiders are handmade by me.

The fluffy balls are got in a sale in New Look for only a £1

The little blue roses are from a vintage fair.

Collar Pins


I love collar pins! You don’t see them very often, but I think they are GREAT!  The bugs are from a handmade seller Aforetime. The birds are from Topshop.


HA! Call me lazy but there are so many brooches and most of them are from charity shops, gifts, antique shops and just badges from bits and bobs I’ve have visited, so I wont be listing where I got them all from. 🙂





Mad Magpie x

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