Style Me…Decora

It is Style Me Thursdays, where I look at an alternative style and try to recreate it and today I am looking at the Japanese fashion, Decora. From the dark colours of Nu-Goth last week I thought I would bring some brightness by looking at the crazy fun that is Decora.


Decora is a fashion I have always been interested in since I obtained my first ‘Fruits’ magazine many years ago.

The style compromises of bright colours with lots of clashing patterns. It features layers of clothing and accessories to create a cluttered but stylised look. Tutus are often seen as well as bows, knee high socks and cute cuddly toys. Hair is usually styled into pigtails and bangs and make up is plain, however the face can be covered in stickers and gems.

The fashion started in 2001 and has slowly become less popular. It has led the way to OTT styles in lolita  and fairy kei.

How did it go?


Cardigan: Peacocks £8

Pikatchu T’shirt: Ebay £5

Skirt: Handmade

Sushi Jumper: H&M £5.99

Tights: Primark £1.99

I also set myself the challenge of making something that relates to the style and this week I made this cute little ice lolly squishy. Using the tutorial by Mishcrafts. He isn’t perfect, but is still great for this look. See if you can spot him amidst the rest of the accessories.



This fashion style is something that I love, but from afar. I couldn’t put up with putting all this extra clobber on every day! I love OTT styles, but I think for me I would only wear them on special occasions or events rather than every day wear.


The Mad Magpie  x

2 thoughts on “Style Me…Decora

  1. I love Japanese street fashion!

    If I weren’t completely at home in my darkness since age 12 I would’ve probably ended up in one of the street styles from Japan. I love extremes and not taking everything so seriously fashion-wise, I could easily see myself as a guro lolita or decora (guro lolita is one of my favorite fashion statements in the world).


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