My Hair Accessories

Today I had a good re-organise of my jewelry and hair accessories. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do a post on all my accessories as promised from day 19 of the  30 days of fashion challenge.

Although, I have a lot of hair pieces I am a bit of a hoarder and these are from many years of being in the alternative fashion scene and having big crazy hair styles. There are also quite a few handmade pieces which will hopefully inspire you to make your own.


The majority of these bows where found on ebay. The only three that where not are the top blue tartan bow in the right picture  that is from Baby the Stars Shine Bright a Lolita brand. The pink one below which someone had dropped on the pavement outside my house. :O Lastly the red tartan bow which is from Peacocks.



Left: Starfish, mushrooms, Bird nest, Spider are  Handmade

Buiscuit stars, Skeleton hands and bones are from ebay

Bird and owl are Christmas ornaments put on clips

Toucans where a gift

Stars are from H&M kids

Top Right : Cat ears, red wings and green horns are from ebay

Eyeball bows and purple horns handmade.

Bottom Right: Cheshire cat and silver bird was a Christmas ordainment put on a hair clip

Goose was a toy that has been put on a hair clip

Seagull was a decoration that has been put on a hair clip. It’s actually ceramic so it is ever so heavy to have on your head all day!

Gold Bow: Store 21



Pretty flowers. These where actually all gifted to me a couple where birthday presents and the others where given to me because the previous owner didn’t want them anymore. I adore the big pink flower its perfect for retro outfits!

Big Bows

Left:  Brown  bow is a replica Angelic Pretty  print bows.  I don’t agree with replicas but I brought  two dresses with headbows back when I was first started liking Lolita and didn’t know any better. :/

Red Bow is from Bodyline Alice Skirt

Right: Blue Bow is also an replica Angelic Pretty print bow

Purple Bow and red velvet bow are too old to know where they came from.

Random Headbands


Left Crown is from H&M Kids you can find some really nice inexpensive pieces in there if you are lucky enough to have a store near you.

Wing headband and antlers are handmade

Right My amazing Halloween finds. The raven headband is from ASDA and the top hat is from Lidl!



Pretty Flower Headbands

Blue and red flower headbands where a gift

Purple and white ones where from M&co (I think)

The poppy headband was from a local craft market.

Mini Hats


Mini hats are just the cutest!

The red rose hat is from Blue Banana.

The black hat was handmade from stool on a Boot Sale

My big red hat was handmade by my friend.


It was so hard to remember where everything is from, but I enjoyed showing you everything.  I hope you liked seeing all my hair bits and pieces as well  . I will be doing a jewelry version soon too!


Mad Magpie x


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