Style Me… Nu-Goth

I have created a challenge for myself to look into, learn and play around with different alternative styles, Style Me Thursdays. Every Thursday I thought it would be fun to look into a different style. I think as well as learning about new fashions I will also be add new things to my own wardrobe. My own style changes a lot I find myself buying things that I like rather than fitting in with a certain aesthetic. I am also going make an item of clothing or accessory that will go with that style.

So today I am going to look into a relatively new fashion style….

spinning wheel

Nu- Goth

So anyone that is into the alternative fashion scene has probably heard all about the Nu-Goths. There is some hatred going around because of some of the hipster  aesthetics that are included in this look, however I think it is just another new branch of the goth scene.


Julia Zelg 

The style includes mainly black clothes using influences from Gothic clothing, music and interests.  It also uses a lot of occult and religious icons like crosses, inverted crosses, pentagrams and other Pagan/Norse symbols. Other features of the style include large brimmed hats (that look a bit like witch hats), cropped tops and round sunglasses.

So here is my experiment into the style of Nu-goth…

I stupidly didn’t take a picture of my legs! So I created a polyvore image to go with my own photos.

I am wearing dark make up thick eyeliner with wings, some dark lips and I laid of the blusher. My hair has been put up in buns and some fake hair hairband adding some volume to give that pom pom look.

The top I handmade using the pentagram tutorial by Annika Victoria 

I also added a plain black short skirt and ripped up a pair of old tights.


I feel like this style doesn’t have much room to play around with different clothing looking the many pictures on tumblr and instagram a lot of the people wearing the style are wearing similar clothing. However this is a new style and this may grow and start having more of a variety. I do feel like this style of clothing is more in favour with the younger generation and is social media influenced. I did enjoy this top  and will definitely add it to my everyday clothing.


Mad Magpie x


3 thoughts on “Style Me… Nu-Goth

  1. What a fun idea to play around with! I’m terribly inconsistent style-wise in my way of dressing and mix…well everything I like and think flatter my body shape, with the exception of not wearing symbols I don’t understand and/or merch from bands I don’t like. It will be interesting to see what you’re coming up with every Thursday.

    As far as nu goth goes, I think the alternative fashion reflects the ongoing trends, just as goth and alternative styles always has through the decades. With the help of social media, the stereotypes has become even narrower than the ones of the 90’s, for example. But that’s just my two cents =)


  2. I am really glad you like it 🙂 I was a bit nervous about doing the series as I didn’t want to come across as stereotyping.

    I think your quite right about social media too and enjoyed reading your two cents 😛


  3. I like the pom-pom hair. And even though it could get into stereotypes, I think this is a fun way to experiment and see what you like (and don’t like) about different looks. Too many people see all these categories and try to fit into just one or two narrow looks, and that gets so boring and artificial.

    Also, even though I can’t pull off the haute couture side of nu-goth, I like the hats a lot. I would love to see elements of nu-goth added to more traditional goth looks.


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