5 Weird bags that I love

In this post I will be looking at my five favourite weird and wonderful bags that are on my wishlist.

  1.  Morrigan Moby dick Whale Bag 


Oh my gosh I have loved this bag for so long! Many years ago I even tried to make something similar, however with my severe lack of sewing skills and using felt instead of vinyl  it came out a very shoddy mess.  Look at that cute smiley face and little fish zip pull you have to love this bag!

2. krukrustudio (etsy) Gray’s Anatomy Bag


This etsy seller sells some amazing bags! However I have to pick this Grays’ Anatomy Book bag, as it is my go to book for arty things. I have a very well thumbed book myself and think to have one in bag form would be perfect!


3. Fishy Bag  (pintrest)


How amazing is this guy? The bag is so detailed with all the fins and scales it just looks perfect! Love this so much!

4. SkinnyDip Unicorn Tears Bag 


This one isn’t as well made at the other bags but the words and the fact that its in the shape of a drink amuses me greatly.  I think it would be a great accompaniment to any pastelgoth and fairy kei outfits.


5. Skull Bag 


Look at this amazing bag! I saw it on youtuber Black Fridays video showing her collection of  bags. As soon as I saw it I was in love, the handle being a bone as well! It is perfect. I don’t know where to find this bag, but I need this bag in my life! So if anyone knows please give me a heads up!


Mad Magpie  x

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