Day 25- Shoes you love but don’t wear 30 Days Fashion Challenge

These are the shoes I do not wear they are my gorgeous rocking horse shoes from Bodyline ❤ I love them so much look how cute they are!

If you read any of the lolita forums you hear about how these can be ridiculous difficult to walk in. So when I got them I practiced around the house doing pretty well. When it came to wearing them out, I thought a short walk to library would be perfect. This however did not go to plan. I fell over numerous times; smashing up my knee, bleeding all over my white tights and spraining my ankles. The worst part was I broke the heel and one of the straps in the process. What a plonker I must have looked! So now I look at them lovingly, but in total fear, as I remember the feeling of my ankle  going to snap!

Mad Magpie x

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