Day 16- Matching Clothes 30 Day fashion challenge

It’s day 16 and its the ‘someone who is wearing matching clothes’ which I really didn’t know how to go about. As my friends all have different styles to me and I don’t think they would appreciate me using their pictures. So instead I will be using my beloved pet birds., dressed up in cute hats. This might be a cool way to wiggle out of this day’s challenge…

So these are my little cuties. Sadly they have passed away to the rainbow bridge in the sky, as one was an old man and the other had birth defects.  They where always  quite happy to pose for pictures. Especially Mr Strangles who knew when to strike a pose for the camera and I think loved the attention he got from his many hats.  ❤ miss them loads

Weirdly, I have seen this women that looks like she has almost copied everything I wear getting onto the bus. Seeming I live in quite a small town this is very strange and quite creepy.


Mad Magpie x

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