5 Cute and Alternative Valentine Outfit Ideas

It’s four days till valentines and I thought it would to share with you some outfit ideas so that you too can dress up and support the spirit of love ❤ aww! I think even if you haven’t got a partner it is great fun to enjoy the day anyway! Everyone should share the love today 🙂

I have 5 Ideas that I have tried to incorporate pink and reds, the colours of love.

  • Pastel theme
  • An Alice in Wonderland theme
  • Victorian Gothic theme
  • Cute theme
  • Colourful theme

So there should be something for everyone to enjoy!

  1.  Colourful Theme

Jumper Handmade Original jumper Primark £5

Blouse Charity Shop 50p

Skirt Handmade

Flower Headband £10 Rock Collection 

How sweet is this jumper! My boyfriend made this for me. I believe it might have been a valentines gift many years ago! You could create something similar or just applique a cute heart onto a jumper using felt.  I think this would be great if you where out and about in town as its comfy and warm for the cold February weather.


2.  Cute theme

Jumper H&M £5.99

Blouse Primark £4

Bloomers Handmade

Black Tights Primark £2

Crown H&M Kids £1.50

Red Bow/cat Brooch  I cannot remember

Badge is from ‘My Cardboard Life’ which I got when at MCM com

I think this would be a great start for a decora outfit. Cute puffy bloomer shorts and funky jumpers and then layering up with loads and loads of accessories!


3. Victorian Goth Themed


Jumper H&M £3

Blouse Charity shop £2

Skirt Spin doctor £35

Hat, Brooch and both necklaces are all gifts!

Dark Red Tights Primark £1.50

For those that are into goth and all things black, how about adding a bit of dark blood red flair. I think Victorian clothing has a great romantic aesthetic for valentines!


4.  Alice in Wonderland Themed.


Body Suit: Lindy Bop: Gift

Asymmetric Waterfall Cardigan Everything5pounds £5

Bow Bodyline Comes with skirt

Necklace and bird brooch Independent local store now closed £2 and 5op

Brooches: Cat and heart mouse Gift

Animal rights brooch Lush Free

Whale  Brooch Handmade

I think Alice in Wonderland is great to grab ideas for valentines day. You have so many cute themes. Here I am using the playing cards as an aesthetic for my outfit. I also added cute details like mushrooms and weird cat heads. If you wanted to get in on this look then find your weirdest accessories and put them all together!

5. Pastel theme


Skirt New Look £14

Blouse Primark £10

Jumper Handmade from Primark £5

Headband Handmade available to buy through my website here. 

Bows ebay £1 for 20

This probably my favorite outfit all flowy, romantic and angelic with a cute heart jumper! The jumper was also made by my boyfriend for my birthday a couple of years ago! It is sooo cute!


I hope this post has given you a few outfit ideas and I hope that you all have a wonderfully cute and awesome day!


Mad Magpie x

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