New H & M Clothing Outfits

If you saw my last post I got a mini haul and most of the clothing was from H & M in this post I will be posting outfits using my new jumpers.

 Victorian Blues

Blue Jumper H&M £7.99

Blouse Primark £10

Necklace Gift (might be curiology)

Skirt (its really old so I cant remember the price around £10)

Bow (Was part of a really old jumper)

Socks Market Stall 2 for £5

Can be worn with the socks for a more pastelly look or with black knee highs for a more cute but maturer style.

Candy Skull ❤

Blouse Charity Shop then altered £1

Sweatshirt H&M £6.99

Skirt New Look £14

Skeleton Hand Morrisons £1 for 6

Cigarette Burns

Blouse £4 H & M

Jumper £3 H &M

Skirt Handmade

Dinosaur Necklace £1 ebay

Steampunk Necklace Gift

My skirt I stopped wearing after I washed it because it became it became a bit of a mess. The material frayed excessively, wrinkled like mad and the black washed out and went a dusty gray. Very upsetting because after I made it this skirt was beautiful! However It works well with this outfit grungy, messy and broken aesthetic.

I hope you enjoy these outfits and it gives you inspiration on your own jumper coords.

Mad Magpie x

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