January Shopping Mini Haul

Stop the press its a H & M sale!

Yeah, at H & M there is always a sale on so it’s not that big of deal but it’s quite big at the moment also there is loads of new pastelly clothes in season for quite a  good price. So if your into pastel goth then, H & M is definitely the place to go. So here are a few things I brought.

  1. Skull Sweatshirt H & M £6.99

I don’t normally go for human skull things. I find them a little bit cheesy and an obvious goth detail. But I thought this one had such a  cute little face! Almost sad looking. This is the same kind of style and fit as my pink bat one, skeleton bones and planet system thing. I really like the fit of these and they are so comfy. For the price as well you cant really go wrong.

2.  Blue and black knitted jumper £7.99

This jumper looks more blue in real life, its a really nice pastelly blue. For the price I thought the quality was really nice. Its very soft and doesn’t feel plastic and scratchy at all. Love the little black outlines too. I think this would look lovely with a pink coloured blouse, which surprisingly I don’t own, so I will keep an eye out in the local charity shops.

3.  Holey Jumper H & M £15 down to £3!

This jumper was actually from the men’s section. It was in the sale for £7, but when I got to the checkout the lady told me it was reduced to £3. Bargain! This jumpers really cool, I love this kind of destroyed look. Its a really nice fit even though its from the guys section.

Grumpy time: I really don’t know whats going on with primark at the moment. The prices really seem to be creeping higher and higher every time I visit. For example they had a jumper similar to the blue one I got at H & M and it was £10 and the quality was terrible all scratchy, plasticy wool and cheap looking. So at the moment H & M is definitely my favorite high street store.

4.  Jogging Bottoms Sports Direct £26.99 reduced to £6.99

My first ever pair of trousers I have purchased for about 20 years?! I have started running with my boyfriend and I have finally resigned to the fact that I cannot run in tights, skirts, dress and blouses. So I now have practical clothing 😥 Not going to lie I hate them and there ugly!

4.  Cute Socks. Market Stall 2 for £5

Just some cute knee high socks. I need some more as my toes are freezing in this weather.

Look out for my next post where I will be creating outfits with my new clothes. Apart from my jogging bottoms no one wants to see that!


Mad Magpie x

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