LindyBop ‘Adalene Green Alpine’ skirt Review + OOTD


In this blog post I will be reviewing Lindy Bops ‘Adalene Green Alpine’ skirt, which I managed to snap up at the sale for just £13. I will also be adding an outfit idea at the end.



  • Obviously the massive positive of this skirt is the print. It is absolutely gorgeous in real life as it is online. The print is very crisp and vibrant, with no blurring.
  • Pockets! Two large pockets on the front
  • Sewing is excellent and is lined.
  • Buttons match the fabric!


  • Sizing!! This is a massive problem with Lindybop’s clothes and they really need to sort it out. This skirt is actually 3 times my normal size!! Way to make me feel like a fat lump Lindybop!
  • A button did fall off. Its easy enough to sew on, but seeming that the closing of this skirt is the buttons if this fell off whilst I was out and about it could cause embarrassing problems.

In all I love the fabrics used and the styles are beautiful. However they have some serious issues with there sizing. If they put a little bit of elastic in the waist I think would be a vast improvement.


Cardigan: Charity Shop £4

Blouse: Primark £7

Skirt: Lindy Bop £13

Black Leggings: Primark £2

Red Socks: Ebay £1

Hairband £10 gift but from rock collection


I love this old granny cardi! It is a little frumpy but its so cute! I think the skirt needs a petticoat to give it a better shape and I only have short ones, so I will keep an eye out for a cheap one.


Mad Magpie x

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