Hand-Made Skirt and Fabric + OOTD


For Christmas I asked my fiancee to design some fabric for me using my old birdy friends in a repeating border print. Which I later sewed into a box pleated skirt.

I worked at a bird sanctuary and sometimes I brought some of them home with me.  It features: Mr Strangles: A rook with metabolic bone disorder, who was sadly put to sleep when hes bones got to achy for him. 😦

Bobo: A jackdaw who had arthritis he hated the sanctuary but enjoyed his quiet retirement time at my  house.

Ruby : A magpie who had a bit of wonky leg, she was later released when her feathers grew all beautiful.

The Fabric

The fabric was printed at woven monkey and came wonderfully printed, with vibrant colours  and nice crisp lines. If you look closely you can even see the thin pencil lines used in the artwork, although I haven’t done a wash test yet and am a little terrified. The fabric itself isn’t fraying much, however a  downside is the  fabric creases so easily and it  is very thin and I am going to need to back it. This would probably not have happened on a more expensive fabric option, so if you want something printed on something a bit more sturdier I would choose a more expensive option.

I was going to do a blog post on how I made the skirt and a DIY, but I stupidly realised I hadn’t taken any pictures when I was half way through. However there are loads of tutorials out there on box pleat skirts which would probably do loads better at explaining the process than I ever would.


Skirt: Handmade

Jumper:Chariety shop £1

Necklace: Chairty shop 50p

Bows and starfish:Various shops on ebay £1 each

black leggings: Primark £2

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