Lindy Bop and Banned Apparel Review


As promised on my last blog post a review of Lindy bop and Banned Apparel presents I got for Christmas. This included The Moonlight Silence Dress, Beaujolie Playing card Playsuit, Cally Faux Fur Collar and Lana gothic print 1950s dress.

  1. Banned Apparel Moonlight Silence Dress

I am totally in love with this dress. Its so nice. The material is  elastic based so it has a lot of stretch on it so could got to quite a large size. The waistband sits just above the tummy area so if you have a bigger tummy that is hidden by the skirt giving you a nice silhouette hiding all those frumpy bits. The pattern is very crisply printed although I would be very careful when washing this dress I would not apply an iron directly onto the cat faces as I think this would melt the design.

The best part of this dress in my opinion is the collar with the sweet embroidered cat heads. which are really well sewn. The sizing is actually pretty good for a gothic brand and you will not have to buy a size miles bigger than you actually are. (I’m looking at you Hell Bunny!).

The worst part for me is the hole bellow the collar to show of your cleavage. Its a bit larger than I as expecting and I felt a bit on show. Maybe it would be more comfortable in the summer but for now I will be wearing with a blouse underneath.

Overall, I do find goth brands can be quite expensive, however I know the market is smaller and it is not so mass produced. I am willing to pay (or in this case given a gift) for something that is more unique that not everyone will be wearing. I love this cute and quirky dress and would buy from Banned Apparel again.


2. Lindy Bop ” Beaujolie” Playing cards Play suit


This was a gift from my parents and its not something I would normally wear as I usually wear either skirts or dresses however its really cute and would like to try and work out some cords with it.

The fabric feels very nice as it is very soft. It is on the thin side and I think this was more from Lindy Bops summer range. The print is very nice and crisp however I have not washed this garment yet. I will be taking care and putting it on a low heat setting in case of the print bleeding.

There are cute little details like heart buttons that always make me smile when a company gets those little things right that set a garment apart from the usual off the rails garments. There are however quite a few little stray loose threads and although they can be easily trimmed off I think it looks better on the company to be neatly trimmed before arriving to the customer.

The best part fro me is the print it is so cute and would be wonderful for a alice in wonderland themed outfit.

Worst Part is the fit. It does say on the website that it runs small and to get a next size up however I would go as far to say to go two sizes up especially if you are tall lest you want the dreaded camel toe!

Overall, Personally I would prefer it to have skirt bottoms, however this is personal preference. I believe my mother got this for me in the sale for £11 which I think is great for the price however for its full price of £28 I think that is to much money especially as the fabric is thin.

3. Lindy Bop “Cally” Purple Faux Fur Collar

Ahhh! So cute! This is great for me as I always wear blouses under my jumpers but for something more comfy and cuddly I can just whip this little beauty on! and for £5 in the sales what a bargain!

This is beautifully made. You can tell that is is nice quality from the thick velvet ribbon and well lined fur. I have no bad points to make about this garment I just hope that it washes well and doesn’t clump like a lot of faux fur clothing.

4. Lindy Bop “Lana” Gothic Print 1950’s Party Dress.

I have been eyeing this dress since they released it and lucky me I was given it for Christmas from my parents. It is just a pretty in real life and the colours are true to pictures as I was a bit worried it wouldn’t be that vivid lime colour.

The material is a good quality thick matt finished poly cotton. The print is lovely and crisp with no blurred lines. It doesn’t feel like one of those prints that would get ruined in the wash either however I am still going to be careful and wash it on a low setting.

It also comes with a detachable belt which is the same amazing lime colour. it has elastic pullies and nice big round buttons. Its those lovely little details again.

The best points have to be the gorgeous print its so unique in colour and imagery. its going to be fun to create outfits around this dress. I am going to be wearing it for new years so watch out for pictures.

The worst point has to be the fit. Sorry Lindy Bop but your sizing is all wrong! I knew that Lindy Bop’s sizes run small so I was going to get a size bigger than I usually am.  They didn’t haven’t that size in stock so I went to sizes bigger thinking I could always take it in a bit. However I am glad I did as one size bigger was never going to fit. I hate it when clothing stores do this as it will give people an altered image of themselves and can lead to some serious body issues. However that is topic for another day but I do think its something that Lindy Bop seriously needs to address.


Well that all I hope that helps you if you where thinking of buying any of these clothes. I will post outfit pictures soon. Or follow me on Instagram bellow for more up to date photos.


Mad Magpie x

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