Christmas Presents


So the presents are opened, the pounds have been put on and 2017 is just round the corner. In this blog post I will be sharing some of the gifts I have received.

I got some lovely presents this year! Some really lovely things these are some of the stand out pieces.

  1. Fabric: My boyfriend designed and specially got this fabric printed for me which has a repeat boarder print and is to be made into a lovely skirt. The design shows my corvids that I looked after ❤
  2. Robin Pillow: So cute! This pillow is from my sister its so soft and cuddly! From George Asda.
  3. A box of goodies: This is a sweet present from my mother with bits and pieces like cute notebooks, soaps, kitsch Christmas decorations and  chocolates!
  4. Pixel Heart Necklace: Made by Nastalgame on etsy I have one half and my BF has the other. It is really well made and sturdy. It also fits together really well with a satisfying click, so it could be worn with both pieces to make the full heart.
  5. Ouija Planchette  Necklace: My boyfriend got me this and made it into a necklace to go with my dress that I wore on Christmas day, which I will also review in my next post.
  6. Duck Necklace: Sorry for it being upside down word press was being an silly. A gift I got from my secret Santa.
  7. Rhino Beetles? Collar pins: These are so weird I love them. I wear alot of blouses so these will look great on them. They are from Aforetime a great little handmade shop I love her stuff.

I also got some clothes from Lindy Bop and Banned Apparel which I will review in a separate blog post. I would love to know what gifts you received for Christmas. 🙂


Mad Magpie x

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