Clothing I would like (Christmas soon….)



I am always on the hunt for new inexpensive clothes and i thought I would share what searching for at the moment.

Stripy Vertical  Leggings


I am quite long legged but with vertical stripes I think not only would they look awesome but they would make your legs look longer and skinnier.

Mint tights


Different coloured tights should be more readily available no one should just have black or tan tights in there life.

Wednesday Adams Dress

images-1I really didn’t think this would be that difficult to find. White collars on things are kind of in season at the moment. However I cannot find one I like, a lot of the dresses I have seen are too short, as I have long legs short dresses look more like t-shirts on me. Or they are to figure hugging id rather have a flared skirt any day.

The one pictured is from the brand Restyle which I am currently lusting over a lot of the clothes on there website are beautiful and am hoping to buy something from here in the future.

Plastic jewellery


I love the whole fairy kei/ harajuku look and love how they wear loads of plastic frilly and shiny bracelets. I am always on the look out to add my bracelets to my accessory collection.

The bracelet pictured here is from lolita brand Angelic pretty ❤


Dark Maroon lipstick


I love this dark matt lipstick but I cant seem to find a nice one. They are either not matt enough or they rub off to easily. Also because I am vegan it limits where I can buy my makeup from.


The Mad Magpie x








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