My 5 essential Wardrobe pieces




I thought today I would share with you all the items that I  would be pretty distraught to be without.

So without much further ado my 5 essential wardrobe pieces that I could not live without:

img_19861.Bloomers:  Yeah maybe that’s a bit weird but I think they are super cute sticking out from the bottom of a skirt. Also because I wear either dresses or skirts all the time I am usually wearing tights. So bloomers are a great way of staying modest and stop revealing your knickers! Also its greats if you have holes in your tights! No one has to know! I make all my bloomers and they are really easy to make. Later I will put up a how to.


2. Black tights/leggings: So simple but they can pretty much be paired up with any outfit and in the colder months put some cute socks over the top and your legs will be a lot more toasty.


3. Plain black skirt: The same skirt as I showed you in my favourite wardrobe items I love this skirt so much. It can pretty much be mixed up with anything and it just works. Staple plain pieces are definitely essential as if you are buying all different funky skirts they are not necessary going to go with all you tops so a couple of plain ones work well.


4.Hair bows: I don’t think you will see my hair with out some kind of ornamental pieces  in it and most of the time it will be hair bows. The can add a bit of colour or interest to an otherwise boring outfit too by clipping them on your clothes!


5. Blouses: I usually wear blouses rather than t-shirts because they have the potential to be very cute. In the winter they can be put under jumper so your frilly collar sticks out. And in the summer they can be cool and cute. I get a lot of my blouses from charity shops as old people do have some nice frilly blouses to chuck away!


Bonus: As its winter I have to say my coat too otherwise I will freeze. This coat was a gift from a friend and I think with coats it’s very difficult to find coats that are not expensive. I would say make sure you scour the sales when it gets warmer in spring as this is when you will find coats cheaper.


Mad Magpie x

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