Accessorize, your outfits!


I can not get over the importance of accessories! It can turn a pretty plain outfit into something amazing! I have quite a collection of accessories that I have been collecting over the years. So I pretty much have something perfect to go with most colours, style and occasions. So today I will be talking about using hairbands, necklaces, bows and all those other cute things to make your outfit pop.

Getting clothing that looks unique and fabulous can be quite expensive and a way of making a boring outfit look more interesting is by paring it up with fabulous bits and pieces. Take a plain black dress and black tights. Boring! But jazz it up with an elaborate hair band and a statement necklace and you have an amazing outfit.

Like these pieces here. The flowers hair band was on sale at M&Co and was around £3. The necklace was only £1 from eBay. I have been collecting vintage brooches for several years now and so I have a few to mix and match with. You could also add some coloured knee high socks for the colder months to make more of an impact.

Make your own


I make a lot of my own accessories and would recommend it to everyone even if your not very arty it can be quite easy to grab some plain hair clips and super glue some stuff to it. Recently I made these cute fly earrings! Okay there not for everyone, but you get the idea. Would you be able to buy something like this easily and cheaply? Not likely.

What it is, is some Halloween decoration flies, glue and some earring backs. The backs were 10 pairs for £1 and the flies where free from my mother. I love them.


I also did the same with some spiders and made them into hair clips these spiders where 6 for £1 from Morrisons Halloween section. If you are into the pastel goth, goth, creepy cute and bittersweet Lolita scene give making these a go as you might not be to late to pick up some Halloween stuff being reduced, otherwise I am sure you can find these pretty cheap on eBay. If you are not into dead fly earring and lets be honest not everyone will be, then give a go with something that is up your street. Flowers? Stars? Birds? Try it yourself, get arty. 🙂

Mad Magpie x

“Buy less, Choose well and do it yourself”

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