Pinkie Owl OOTD


So today I had a trip to the doctors. I have anxiety and one of my big “fears” is the doctors! I only had to have a blood test but I was terrified. I took longer than I should picking this out because I was aware they would need my arms to jab their pins in me!

From top to bottom we have:


Owl jumper: Peacocks Gifted

Blouse – Up-cycled charity top  £1.50 (it was my first time putting as collar on and you can see it’s a little wonky!)

Skirt – H&M £10ish

Shoes – ebay £13 (these have now broken 😦 got my money back though)

Leggings: £1.50 ebay



Bows £2 for 20 ebay

Braclets £1 ebay

Starfish – Handmade

Spider- Handmade.from Halloween things.

Necklace – Birthday gift


“No matter how you feelget updress up and show up”












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