UK Black Friday Mini Haul

As a thrifty buyer Black Friday is amazing! I am glad that the UK have taken on this American tradition. I don’t think it is as amazing as the American one, as things can still be quite expensive or it just seems like a chance for shops to get rid of their old tat.

Here are some bargains that I got today as well as my OOTD:

  1. Black Dress from H & M Down from £24.99 to £7.20

I didnt think much of buying this dress, it’s just a plain black dress for quite cheap, but upon trying it on it is a lovely shape and a really nice fit. Is a little bit longer than most of the skirts in the H & M , so isnt going to show your bum off to every one.

2. H&M Pink and Black Knit £25.99 to £20
    This jumper I have been eyeing up for a while waiting for it to be reduced. I was hoping for a larger reduction but seeming they only have 2 left I decided to bite the bullet and buy it as I knew I would be gutted if I didnt get it. It is alot pinker in real life it looks brown in these pictures.

3. New Look Large Tulle Skirt £20 to £14
  This wasn’t actually reduced but It had a small nick in the tulle . I thought I would try my luck and ask for a discount. They said there policy is usually 10% off for damages but as it was black Friday she cut the price quite a bit. Bargain!


  My Outfit for Black Friday:

Pretty Lilac! Not to over the top for easy access for trying clothes on!

Blouse: £7 Primark

Jumper: £1 Chariety Shop

Necklack Bird Skull: Gift but from

Necklace watch: £ 1 local cheapy jewellry store

Skirt Handmade by me

Black Leggings £2.50 Primark

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