My top 5 Favourite wardrobe pieces


Today, I am going to share with you my top 5 favourite pieces from my wardrobe this has been quite difficult to pick as I change my mind so often. Here we go as of November these are my favorite items.

  1. High waisted suspender skirt H& M – Around £10?



I love this skirt so much. It is so versatile! It can just be matched up with anything. Because it is high waisted it pulls your waist in a little too. Its also great to wear with clothes that is either a  little bit to small or large  as you can just tuck the top in. It easily be accessorised with badges and brooches too.

2. Purple creepers TUK – Gifted but I think they cost around £70



I love creepers so much they are so amazing because they make you so tall without the pain of heels (and falling over, in my case) . I always feel like a runway model wearing creepers for some reason. But these are not normal creepers they are purple velvet. Luxury!

3.Crow hairband – £5 Asda Halloween collection


This hair band is amazing!  I have a huge obsession with birds especially corvids (crows, jackdaws, rooks etc) So this hairband is perfect for me. It is quite heavy to wear and if your wearing it  for a long time it can start to hurt and pull. So, I would say I would be wearing this more for special events that last for a couple of hours, rather than walking around the city all day.

4. Ruby the Magpie  Jumper – Handmade


It doesn’t fit me perfectly but my fiancée embroidered this for me and it is of my naughty magpie Ruby. She lived with me for a couple of years whilst her feathers got in a good enough  condition for her to be released. So for sentimental reasons this jumper is one of my favourites and it’s so well made.


  1. Blouse Primark – £10


This blouse is more than a few years old now. And it’s really starting to show its age. Its graying, there is a paint splodge right in the center and the buttons are tarnished. I now wear it under jumpers so you can just see the cute collar.However its my favourite  because of it’s cute scallop edged collar and I’ve never seen a blouse quite like this one.  I will be very sad when this is resigned to the bin.


So that is my top 5! I have included some old pieces that have been staple pieces for a few years and a couple of new pieces.  I would love to hear yours!


The Mad Magpie x

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