Magpies’ Lilac Dreams



I am a firm believer in always dressing you best wherever you go. I think if you put effort into your clothes, you will feel better for it.  I actually don’t own any lounge wear apart from PJs! So I have to dress in fancy clothing wherever I am off to.  When I am  feeling unwell or tired it can be quite tedious getting ready, but apart from that I love dressing up everyday.

I am trying to bring a bit more colour to my style. I usually wear a lot of red and black but after seeing a lot of pastel goth pictures I’ve kind of fell in love with the style so am trying to incorporate some more colouring into my wardrobe. Also my style already had a creepy cute kind of vibe so I am totally running with it now even after Halloween.

Below we have what I wore yesterday when I went to…Waitrose! Ha aha.


Working down the body we have:

Jumper: £5.99 from H&M

Blouse £7.00 from Primark

Braces: 1.99 ebay

Purple Animal aid poppy! ( I think I donated a a pound or two)

Velvet skirt Handmade (Fabric and zip – £2.00)

Tights £1.50 Primark

Shoes £7ish? Primark



Necklace: A Gift from my friend I believe she got it from

Bows: 20 different coloured bows for £2.00 ebay

Star clips: These are years old from H&M kids probably around a £1

Biscuit Hairclip £1.00 ebay

Bracelets £1.00 ebay

Horns: Handmade

This Outfit has a lot of old pieces in as well as a couple of new pieces, but most of these pieces of clothing can be mixed and matched with a lot of other outfits.

The Mad Magpie x

“Fashion says “me too” Style says “ Only me””


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