Not another fashion blog!

Hi I am  The Mad Magpie! I thought I would start writing a fashion blog. Many people that know me know that I can be quite strange and out going with my fashion choices. I always enjoy trying new clothes and styles. I guess you would say my style lends its self towards Lolita, gothic, pastel goth and Harajuku styles but not necessary inclusive of those styles. I buy what I like and if I can’t find it or its too much money I try and make it myself.

I can be quite a cheapskate with my clothing so as well as talking about all things fashiony I will be talking about tips and tricks to be a thrifty with your clothing.

This past year I have been learning to sew my own clothes and I am really enjoying it. It helps me to realise my fashion interests, as a lot of clothes I like are not readily available in the UK. Or I will buy from charity shops and up-cycle the clothing into something unique and interesting.

I also want to give people a lot more confidence in wearing clothes a bit more out there. I get people coming up to me a lot saying that they wish they had the confidence to wear alternative clothing. I want to say to anyone that wants to dress differently to go out there, experiment and enjoy dressing yourself.


The Mad Magpie x

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