Pinkie Owl OOTD


So today I had a trip to the doctors. I have anxiety and one of my big “fears” is the doctors! I only had to have a blood test but I was terrified. I took longer than I should picking this out because I was aware they would need my arms to jab their pins in me!

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UK Black Friday Mini Haul

As a thrifty buyer Black Friday is amazing! I am glad that the UK have taken on this American tradition. I don’t think it is as amazing as the American one, as things can still be quite expensive or it just seems like a chance for shops to get rid of their old tat.

Here are some bargains that I got today as well as my OOTD:

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My top 5 Favourite wardrobe pieces


Today, I am going to share with you my top 5 favourite pieces from my wardrobe this has been quite difficult to pick as I change my mind so often. Here we go as of November these are my favorite items.

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Magpies’ Lilac Dreams



I am a firm believer in always dressing you best wherever you go. I think if you put effort into your clothes, you will feel better for it.  I actually don’t own any lounge wear apart from PJs! So I have to dress in fancy clothing wherever I am off to.  When I am  feeling unwell or tired it can be quite tedious getting ready, but apart from that I love dressing up everyday.

I am trying to bring a bit more colour to my style. I usually wear a lot of red and black but after seeing a lot of pastel goth pictures I’ve kind of fell in love with the style so am trying to incorporate some more colouring into my wardrobe. Also my style already had a creepy cute kind of vibe so I am totally running with it now even after Halloween.

Below we have what I wore yesterday when I went to…Waitrose! Ha aha.

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Not another fashion blog!

Hi I am  The Mad Magpie! I thought I would start writing a fashion blog. Many people that know me know that I can be quite strange and out going with my fashion choices. I always enjoy trying new clothes and styles. I guess you would say my style lends its self towards Lolita, gothic, pastel goth and Harajuku styles but not necessary inclusive of those styles. I buy what I like and if I can’t find it or its too much money I try and make it myself.

I can be quite a cheapskate with my clothing so as well as talking about all things fashiony I will be talking about tips and tricks to be a thrifty with your clothing.

This past year I have been learning to sew my own clothes and I am really enjoying it. It helps me to realise my fashion interests, as a lot of clothes I like are not readily available in the UK. Or I will buy from charity shops and up-cycle the clothing into something unique and interesting.

I also want to give people a lot more confidence in wearing clothes a bit more out there. I get people coming up to me a lot saying that they wish they had the confidence to wear alternative clothing. I want to say to anyone that wants to dress differently to go out there, experiment and enjoy dressing yourself.


The Mad Magpie x